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At North Penn Cleaning Solutions, we understand how important your business is…trust me, we get it!  We also understand that providing a spotless and hygienic work environment is of the utmost importance for employee productivity and general positive morale.  The message to your clients and customers when they walk into a spic and span, unblemished business stays with them, which makes them stay with you!

You have a business to run…go do it…we’ll take care of the cleaning! 

Throughout every phase, the owners are diligent about making the process of hiring the cleaning service as painless and easy as possible.  Measurements of each space are taken and a detailed account of the cleaning necessary within that space are documented and discussed with the office manager or owner prior to preparing a proposal.  Problem areas or areas of importance are noted and a plan of action to care for them are noted to be included in the proposal.  Within 48 hours, a professional, clear proposal is submitted for review and negotiation.

Great training results in highly satisfied clients

With our highly trained team and level of supervision, work begins on time and on the day agreed upon. The owners or high-level managers are present during the first few cleanings to make sure that all areas and items are completely taken care of and the space is spotless.

Once the regular team is fully comfortable with your assignment, they arrive on time and neat as a button themselves.  A detailed checklist is provided to each team for each assignment and is collected and reviewed each week.

Every few weeks, we speak with the owners or managers to inquire about progress and alter any part of the plan needed.  Constant monitoring and random pop-bys insure that teams are consistently providing quality service.

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It’s no secret that neat and simple spaces generally promote clarity, calm, and balance, to say the least. We are passionate about providing orderly, fresh spaces for you to live in, your employees to work in, and your customers to shop in.

Communication and professionalism are paramount to our success! We approach each job with the attention and care specific to the needs of each individual client.


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